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Corporate Social Responsibility

GTB embraces responsibility for impact of its operations and actions of all stakeholders including society and community at large. Management commitment work ethics and business processes at GTB encourage all its employees and other participants to ensure a positive impact and its commitment towards corporate social responsibility.

GTB is committed to excellence in health and safety is embedded in company’s core values. The company has a stringent policy of “safety of persons overrides all production targets”, which drives all employees to continuously break new grounds in safety management for the benefit of the people, property, surrounding environment and the communities we operate. GTB is aware of the environmental impact of its operations and it continually strives to reduce the impacts.

GTB encourages the members of the local communities by offering employment to them in case they fulfill the criteria in selection process. GTB also keeps on contributing to any needs of the community whenever approached by the local community heads. GTB has given its contribution towards community development during 2011.

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