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Corporate Strategy

To achieve our vision and mission, PT Garda Tujuh Buana Tbk will adopt corporate strategy comprising of three main aspects which are inherently part of its overall corporate culture. These aspects are focused on the long term growth of the company, cost efficiency and best practices implemented in all operational areas. These three aspects are further defined into several aspects that clearly define the path that company should take to ensure that the vision and mission are achieved.

Long Term Growth

Build long term production profile

  • Increase coal production through exploration and mine development activities;
  • Acquisition of additional mining license area.
  • Aggressive sales strategy
  • Be resilient to take the dynamic global coal market;
  • Identifying and targeting customer;
  • Strengthening position in South East Asia.
Cost Efficiency
  • Competitive cost structure by investing in logistics and infrastructure;
  • Continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency of mining contracts;
  • Manage the fuel price risk.
Best Practices
  • Internal process improvement;
  • Learning and competency improvement;
  • Corporate social responsibilities