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PT Garda Tujuh Buana Tbk (hereinafter shall also be referred to as "GTB") was established in 1996. GTB was granted exploitation mining concession. GTB deals in coal mining processing and logistics operations in an integrated manner. GTB performs thermal coal mining and is regarded as one of the coal producers, mining and selling low calorific value coal. GTB has assured and identified significant reserves of coal which is adequate to meet the demand of the customers. The mine location can be reached in about 1 hour trip by speed boat from Tarakan Port, Bulungan Regency, East Kalimantan Province.

In its development, the width of GTB's KP changed into 710 ha based on Decree of Bulungan Regent number 147/K– III/540/2007 dated 26th March 2007 regarding granting of exploitation mining concession. It is stated that the width of area owned by GTB that was initially 1,995.003 ha becomes 710 ha (decreasing by 1,285.003 ha to be returned to Regional Government of Bulungan Regency).

Location of the coal mining area is in the north middle part of Bunyu Island that is unpopulated. GTB has proceeded to production stage after completing stage of construction of production facilities and infrastructure. Currently GTB produces thermal coal containing a low ash and low sulfur content with calorific coefficient between 4,800 kcal/kg and 5,100 kcal/kg. Coal produced by GTB will be used in coal fired power plant both domestically and export markets. GTB also has the capability to mix its coal to raise the overall quality characteristics and to fulfill specific client requirement.